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Windshield Protection Film: STEK DYNOflex

Protect Your Windshield From Rock Damage


Windshield protection film. Why is it necessary? So imagine this: you're cruising down the road in your brand new vehicle, enjoying a Sunday drive when, uh oh, you get stuck behind a dump truck. You know the rest of the story: that truck hits a bump, a piece of loose gravel hits the road and bounces right into your windshield. But, what if in that moment, you didn't have to worry about a rock chip that could spiderweb? Or not have to worry about a chip at all? That's where windshield protection from STEK is so valuable.

Windshield protection film is like an insurance policy specifically for your windshield. Windshields are getting much more expensive as technology is added to your vehicles. From defrosters
built in between the glass and all the high-tech gadgets such as adaptive cruise control, auto pilot
cameras, and so on. While the glass itself can be inexpensive, the calibration of those sensors will add up


With STEK DYNOflex you get protection from sand blasting, stone chips, and cracked windshields. An
added benefit is the 99% UV resistant layer built into the film. This keeps the harmful UV rays out and
gives an added protection for your interiors.

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