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Maintenance Detail in San Antonio, Tx

Perfect for Keeping Your Car Looking Like New


Maintenance detail: a perfect option to keep your vehicle fresh in and out. Designed for vehicles already kept in good shape. Need the exterior protected with a sealant? What about a ceramic coating maintenance wash and booster spray preformed? Interiors need some touch love and care? You can choose from these three packages below specifically tailored to your needs. Please note: for heavily soiled vehicles, please stop in for a quote.

The Process


An experienced vehicle specialist will use a combination of compound and polish to lightly abrade the paint to remove paint imperfections. This process can range from 1-3 different stages of correction.

The total cost of this process is determined by the condition of the paint and the level of refinement desired. The more time spent polishing, the more refined and defect-free surface you will have. Following the correction process, we strongly recommend our ceramic coatings for years of protection.

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